Wannabe Supermaman blog featured in Woman & Home magazine

The July 2016 issue of Woman & Home magazine

I’ve mentioned before on the Wannabe Supermaman blog about how Super Homme and I met. It was quite by chance through a French dating website, not long after we’d both come out of miserable marriages. The way we felt about each other, and so quickly, just blew us away. We still can’t believe our luck. We never take it for granted and acknowledge all the time how fortunate we are to have met and to have such beautiful children, even if we did have to go through the pain of failed marriages before meeting.

I’m excited to share with you that in this month’s issue of Woman & Home magazine (July 2016) I have written about how my dream of moving to France with my ex turned into a nightmare, but then into a dream come true when Super H and I met. We’re part of a “Lessons in Love” feature (lesson two) and the Wannabe Supermaman blog is mentioned, which I’m really thrilled about.

I wrote about how Super H and I met for Woman & Home magazine

There’s actually so much more to say about how we met, but there wasn’t really enough room to write about it all in the article. I’m sure I’ll put the rest into another blog post at some point in the future.

Woman & Home magazine is in the top 20 magazines in the UK and the team there were a pleasure to work with. I’m extremely grateful for the commission that they gave me as it was so much fun to write.

If you’d like to read the article, you can buy the July issue of Woman & Home magazine (in shops or online at sites like Zinio), or you can read the PDF that I’ve linked to here from my online writing portfolio in Muck Rack.

I haven’t written much on the blog lately because I have been flat out with writing articles for all kinds of magazines and publications. Usually, though, I mostly write about French tech and technology, not about my love life!

Just to prove it 🙂 other articles I’ve had out lately include a piece in New Scientist about an incredible new smart shirt that can diagnose epilepsy far more easily that current methods – it’s such an amazing breakthrough for epilepsy sufferers – and this feature on ZDNet about whether the world’s largest startup incubator in Paris, Halle Freyssinet, could seal France’s position among major startup territories, such as Berlin, London and Silicon Valley, when it launches next year.

A 30-week bump selfie taken this morning

Now I’m 30 weeks pregnant I’m experiencing the joys of round ligament pain and intense heartburn and fatigue, so looking after “les petits”, aka the kiddos, and working is just about taking up all my time and energy.

I always want to update Wannabe Supermaman’s Franglais Life, but I had to make a rule that I don’t write anything “nice” that’s just for me until I’ve completed my work and maman duties, hence the silence.

I’m hoping to go on maternity leave soon and to have more time to write then as the big day to meeting our baby girl draws closer.




6 thoughts on “Wannabe Supermaman blog featured in Woman & Home magazine

    1. No that wasn’t nice & far worse actually than article lets on. Very lucky that there was a happy ending. Thanks, bump feeling rather large, but, as I keep telling myself, not long now. xxx


  1. Thanks! I’ve really made some dubious decisions in my life and I do have to pinch myself when I see my family because it could so easily not have happened this way. Being able to share (some of) my story and embrace the bad times – mostly because of the fortunate outcome – is a bit of a milestone for me, so thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


    1. So sorry I didn’t reply to this message! Thank you Jules, that’s so kind. I feel very lucky to have found Super Homme 🙂 . I hope you are living a happy and joyful life in Oz – send news when you can! xxx


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