Who are you Wannabe Supermaman?

Wannabe Super Maman HeadshotBonjour!

Firstly, thanks for stopping by my blog. I really do appreciate you taking a moment out of your day to read it.

I started “Wannabe Supermaman’s Franglais Life” as a bridge between my private world as a 41-year-old British woman living in the South of France – with my three beautiful children (let’s call them Super Petit Garçon, or Super PG (four); Super Petite Fille, or Super PF (22 months); and Super Petite Fille 2, or Super PF2, (five months), and my soul mate and French husband (he must be Super Homme, or Super H) – and my professional life as “Fran Marcellin”, a journalist and writer.

I was originally going to keep my work identity separate from my musings about life as a maman in France. I have done in the past. But I realise that it is time to join up the dots, complete the loop, and be loud and proud about being a working mum.

Just because I am wiping jam off sticky fingers in the mornings, doesn’t mean I can’t interview the CEO of that jam company in the afternoon!

I also understand – and have come to accept – that I can’t be the journalist I dreamed of being while being the mother I’m aspiring to be, especially while the kids are very young. I know now, too, that I fall short of being the mother I want to be because I work. But I try to do them both to the best of my ability.

This is also why I’m a “wannabe supermaman”. I will always try as hard as I can to be the perfect mother for my kids, as I imagine her to be, but it’s wrapped up in the realisation that I will never achieve this perfection. After years of guilt I have grown to accept my imperfect self, as long as I strive to be the best mummy possible.

Do you want to “faire le pont” with me? Usually this signals a holiday, when the French take off the day between a bank holiday and a weekend to “make the bridge” and gain something like a four-day break. This blog, though, isn’t about vacations (haha, right, what are they again, exactly?), it’s about documenting how we live and feel, and what we say and do.

Why? Because so much happens and it’s so easy to forget. For example, with an English-speaking mummy and French-speaking papa, learning how to talk is challenging for Super PG and Super PF. After an initial quiet period Super PG started to chat away in the most adorable mixture of English and French, which made me laugh on a daily basis. I want to remember in twenty years’ time that “encorecolate” was more chocolate; that “Daddy CoCo” was his made-up name for Peppa Pig (cochon is pig in French – well, to him it makes perfect sense); and that “Allez, mummy, attraper gros truck, mama!” was him at his back seat-driver best.

Super PF is just something else. She’s counting to ten in French and English and sings all the time in both languages – and she isn’t even two yet. She says “Decilo” instead of “delicious” and “Atooler” is “A tout à l’heure” – so cute. Obviously developing quickly because she’s got Super PG to learn from, it makes me wonder how soon Super PF2 is going to be embarking on her Franglais journey.

And then there’s the other stuff, too. Amidst all the routine and the school permission slips and reading and disciplining and bike rides and breastfeeding and dinner making and tidying and school runs and (messy) lunches (where you can’t finish a conversation) with friends and work and phone calls and tantrums and commuting and dog walking and deadlines and sleep deprivation and bath times and…entwined in all these things that must be done, there is both darkness and pure gold. I’m going to write about these moments and share them with you.

You can expect posts on all kinds of subjects, such as: Franglais observations; French life; pregancy and breastfeeding; parenting in France; the French education system; raising kids in France; English activities for bilingual kids in France; and children’s English and French books, TV programmes and films. There might be some snippets about French tech and political thoughts thrown in, too.


Thanks again for stopping by. If you’re on Twitter, maybe we can connect there too?



5 thoughts on “Who are you Wannabe Supermaman?

  1. Bonjour Supermaman,
    I was archiving some old messages and came across your picture. And here you are – a couple of clicks and a couple of enfants later! You look well – the Franglais life clearly suits you. Mommyhood is crazy in all its forms! We do crazy in the extreme here.
    With love,
    Kerry Xx


  2. Bonjour Kerry!
    Absolutely fab to hear from you, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment letting me know you’ve got a blog too. I’m looking forward to having a read – you write so well and I know it is going to be a real treat. Franglais life and being a mama is amazing and crazy. Often it’s a bit like a farmyard here with the two, so good job we live in the countryside! Hope your extreme crazy is going ok…say hello to your lovely boys for me.
    Love xx

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